Alpdest CEE was founded by team members and partners who participated in a feasibility study assigned by the European Space Agency with the name Safety and Information Systems for Ski Resorts in Emerging Markets.

During the study, the International team composed of two German and two Czech companies developed two systems and business models which are now being implemented.

The Mountain Rescue Team Management system is now being installed in central European mountains with Mountain Rescue and helps to coordinate rescue teams and all rescue systems. The result is higher accuracy of the actions, better performance of teams, lower costs and decreased administrative burden on rescue team managers. You find more about this system on web sides of GINA Software Ltd. ( )

Alpdest is implementing the second business model which was developed to provide services based on space technologies and data, like positioning, satellite communication and earth observation. This technologies allow us to deliver high quality mobile services to mountain resort guests – skiers, snowboarders, hikers, runners, bikers or climbers and to other service providers like outdoor event organisers or resort operators. This services are becoming part of Alpdest Out of Home Media Platform and are financed by marketing partners which use the unique environment of mountains to promote their products and brands.

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