LOOP21 Mountainment®


LOOP21 develops solutions based on Wi-Fi networks. The wireless expert manages already more than 2000 telecommunication systems in 18 different countries. Several ski resorts, entertainment parks, stadiums, shopping malls, retailers and events have been equipped with the Wi-Fi solutions of LOOP21.


LOOP21 offersmobile infrastructure and mobile services. Based on the specially developed hotspot software services are implemented internationally in the field of infrastructure, customer engagement and data analytics. Customer devices and sensors located via Wi-Fi or other technologies. So LOOP21 provides a tool for an ideal customer communication and relationship, indoor positioning, customer flow analysis and point of sales materials* . Moreover customised industry solutions are combined with data analysis and M2M** applications.

[Point of sales materials – POSM – materials, which have to support the sales; it is different types of advertising in media; M2M – machine to machine is a broad label that can be used to describe any technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans.]

The LOOP21 WLAN ENTERTAINER is the first system that localises a smatphone directly via Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) and provides location – based information.

First implementations of LOOP21 in ski resort took place in 2010. The ski resort can choose, which contents are shown to their visitors related to their current location. LOOP21 becasem the ideal tool for customer relationship and guidance.



The guest connects his own device to the open Wi-Fi. Before they enter the Internet, they got to the LOOP21 Landing Page. The device is located via the Wi-Fi and the users gets exactly the informations, which are re
levant at their current location. This is called location – based service. LOOP21 are value-adds Wi-Fi services. Solution is not dependent on the installed system (iOS, Android, Windows etc.) – conection is taking place through responsive “Landing Page”.


A landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page” or a “lander”, or a “destination page”, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. A lanfing page presents information that is relevant to the visitor. These can display text, images, dynamic compilations or relevant links, or other elements.



Landing page design is made according to customers desire. The layout can contain a series of buttons and banners, which can do reffer to external pages, pictures, videos, offers and questionnaires.



A clear benefits are given to you, as a visitor of the mountain region. You can get the most relevant information without looking a long time through search engines. Furthermore, you have an easy and feasible access to the Internet.


What more?

  1. LOOP21 does work on every single smarphone – does not matter if it is Android, iOS, Windows etc.
  2. It does work completly without any applications – guests simply have to connect to Wi-Fi, there is no need to install or download anything; no searching&finding.
  3. There is plenty of information that guests can find very useful in their current location – make use of bad news and turn them into good ones!


This is the digital marketing tool for skiing and hiking areas. Via Wi-Fi you provide your guests with current and location – based information. LOOP21 supports the digital guest communication and loyalty.

On the Landing Page LOOP21 puts the most useful and relevant information for the users. For example weather reports, a list of open slopes & lifts and the latest news about ski events.


LOOP21 Mountainment® can make ski and hiking regions to trend setters in their sector. Touristic areas can improve their customer service by offering a new service to their guests – and this directly on the guest’s smartphone. Location – based information about the region, top tours, upcoming events or gastronomy, can be recalled promptly. No matter if the guests are on the top of the mountain, at the apres ski party or on the ski lift! Guest’s demands and needs are fully met by the new system.

Possible use of LOOP21 Mountainment®.

The guests connect to the Wi-Fi and get the different possibilites, for example:

  1. Weather on the mountain and in the valley.
  2. Access to the Internet.
  3. Navigation: find your best way through the ski resort.
  4. Current news and events.
  5. Facebook and social media for free.
  6. Locastion-based information and the next rest stop.

The contents and the design are individually prepared for every client. They are up-to-date and can be adapted any time without waiting times as we know it from static applications. The LOOP21 Mountainment® system delivers information depending on the guest’s location. The visitor for example gets different information on the top of the mountain as in the central hotel.

The statistics from November 2012 until March 2013 show approximately 103,000 unique users with 30 different languages. During this period, the LOOP21 Mountainment® system was invoked more than 313,000 times. (State: 2013-03-28).