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Alpdest CEE’s partners

Alpdest Services

The company was founded in 2011, it organises marketing campaigns, especially in Alps, Central and Eastern Europe and focuses on traditional digital media.

European Space Agency 

Alpdest CEE was established because of the initiative of the European Space Agency. To project and develop new digital media it uses the latest technology and various types of satellite signals.

GINA Software 

The company, which develops professional system of coordination’s rescue services, including the one in the mountains.


The company develops web-based platform called. Outdooractive (open-air) and operates mainly in German-speaking countries.


The company, which develops branded interface for Wi-Fi hotspots. Alpdest CEE is the official representative of LOOP21 in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

Tatry mountain resort 

The company Alpdest CEE is a media partner of TMR and helps organize the advertising space.

Asociace Lanové Dopravy

ALDR brings together more than 100 ski resorts in Czech Republic and is an Alpdest CEE’s strategic partner when planning campaigns in the country.